Sai Shri Row-Houses

Currently working on

Sai Shri Row Houses

This is our current project of row houses. Our row houses environmentally sound and resource efficient technologies are implemented by adopting a participatory approach in the planning and  implementation process.

Our Specialization

Our  principle aim is to help the Government to improve the social and environmental conditions of Urban and Rural locality through development, promotion of appropriate decentralized and affordable “Basic need Services”


We provide Specious space to all rooms with POP..

Exterior Design​

We provide space for tree plantation.

Furniture Design​

We provide modular kitchen and POP for every rooms.

Landscape Design​

We provide garden in back yard also a car parking in front yard.

Site Planning

We provide center cutout and boring, septic tank, rain water harwasting system.

Interior Design​

We provide granite flooring stair with steel railing containing glass design.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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